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Scalp Pigmentation
Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation from SMP Leeds: What, How, and Why

The world of cosmetic surgery sees new techniques and procedures crop up all the time – and one procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years is scalp micropigmentation. Designed to help people achieve the appearance of a full head of hair, micropigmentation is an exciting technique that offers people a long lasting and extremely effective way to overcome whatever follicular problems they may have. So, what exactly is scalp micropigmentation, how does it work, and why are so many people turning to it?

What is scalp micropigmentation?

As the name suggests, scalp micropigmentation is a procedure in which pigment is implanted in the skin of the scalp, in an effort to make it appear as if a person has a full head of hair. The pigment, which is the same colour as the patient’s hair, creates the image of depth and shadow, making it appears as if someone has very short hairs on their scalp. The process is carried out over several procedures, to build up the colour and help make the impression as strong as possible. When the process is completed, the patient appears to have a full head of stubble, hiding any hair loss that they might have experienced. Micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo Leeds) has become an increasingly popular option among people for whom a hair transplant is not a feasible option – perhaps because of price considerations, a desire to avoid surgery, or because they simply don’t feel the need to opt for a full hair transplant. For these people, micropigmentation is an efficient option that produces very satisfactory results.

What is the micropigmentation process like from hair tattoo Leeds?

Despite being an arguably less invasive and intense procedure than a full hair transplant, scalp hair tattoo is still an extended process that requires a lot of work to achieve the optimum results. The pigment is inserted into the skin via a needle, which breaches into the second layer of skin. In this sense, pigmentation is much like tattooing – but without piercing so deep into layers of the skin. In addition, pigmentation is, unlike tattooing, largely painless. At the start of a SMP pigmentation session, a numbing gel will be applied to the scalp, to help avoid any pain for the patient. There may still be some discomfort depending on each patient’s personal pain threshold, but by and large the process should be free of pain.

A scalp pigmentation session generally lasts between four or five hours, as the technician must painstakingly place numerous dots of pigment all around the scalp. The length of time will naturally depend on how much of the scalp is receiving treatment, but shorter pigmentation sessions will still take a few hours. SMP also requires several sessions – with most treatments ranging between 3 and 5 applications. This is to ensure that the pigment can build up and properly take hold in the skin – otherwise patients may end up with a lacklustre result that does not give the illusion of a full head of hair.

Aftercare is an extremely important part of scalp micropigmentation from SMP Leeds. Much like tattooing, the pigment remains at risk of being diluted or washed out for a long period of time even after the treatments have been completed – and as such care must be taken to make sure the scalp retains the colour. One of the things that people undergoing pigmentation absolutely must avoid is getting the scalp wet – patients have to ensure that their scalp does not get wet for four days after each treatment. In addition, particular care must be taken to avoid excessive sweat or a combination of heat and moisture – meaning exercise, hot showers, and activities like swimming are an absolute no-go. As with tattooing, direct sunlight is also an enemy of pigmentation – and patients should wear hats if they are going to be outside on sunny days. Each of these things must be avoided between sessions, and for at least four weeks after the final session.

There are also some pre-existing circumstances that patients should bear in mind if they are planning on undergoing micropigmentation. For instance, if a person suffers from psoriasis or particularly bad acne on their scalp, they need to avoid undergoing pigmentation during a flare up of their condition. It will be much harder to apply the pigment on affected areas, and for it to take hold. As such, patients may end up with sub-par results. In addition, conditions like eczema or particularly dry skin may foreclose scalp micropigmentation as an effective option – as the excessive flaking of skin will lead to the loss of pigment via exfoliation at an accelerated rate.

Why do people choose scalp micropigmentation from SMP Leeds?

There are a number of reasons that a person may choose scalp micropigmentation. The first, and most obvious of these is due to a feeling of insecurity due to hair loss. This can be any kind of hair loss – be it natural, or even because of a condition such as alopecia, or as a result of chemotherapy. The loss of one’s hair can be quite a blow to a person’s confidence – especially if the loss is sudden or the result of a chronic condition. In addition, scalp micropigmentation can be used to cover up scars from surgery or previous hair transplants that people are insecure about. Micropigmentation offers people a chance to feel much more comfortable and confident with their appearance.

Scalp micropigmentation is also popular because it is a much more cost effective solution than a hair transplant – while still delivering consistent and solid results. The process is not permanent, with the pigment usually wearing out within 8 years – but even with the potential need for repeat treatments, it is much less expensive on the whole than a transplant. On the whole, scalp micropigmentation is a highly appealing treatment option for those suffering from hair loss. It offers noticeable and extremely satisfying results, helping to boost the confidence of people who undergo treatment – but without being prohibitively expensive. As such, it would be no surprise to see scalp micropigmentation become an increasingly popular choice over the coming years.


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Getting SMP done from SMP Natiowide was literally the best decision I have ever made! I feel and look 10 years younger. I have my confidence back

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