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Scalp Pigmentation
Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation: What is it and is it for me?

Confidence is a hard thing to come by and for many people losing their hair can coincide with aloss of self-esteem. Whether the loss of hair comes from age, illness or a pre-existing condition,it can make us feel self-conscious. This is why many people spend a lot of time and money onexpensive and invasive hair treatment. However there is an alternative known as scalpmicropigmentation that can give amazing results without the hassle and unease of surgery.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (or SMP) is commonly compared to scalp tattooing and thiscomparison isn’t unwarranted. However unlike a normal tattoo SMP uses a technique calledpointillism that uses specialised equipment. The process involves the use of precise tinyneedles to inject pigment onto the scalp. This creates a sort of shadow and depth that gives offthe appearance of a short layer of hair.

This treatment is completely non-invasive and requires no anesthetic or surgery. SMP can beuseful to anyone who experiences any form of hair loss. This includes people who experiencemale pattern baldness, naturally thinning hair, alopecia or cancer.

The Process

A typical scalp micropigmentation will start with a consultation about how the process can targetyour own personal hair needs. Following this you will expect to have two to four sessions thatwill be likely to take two to four hours.

In these sessions a practitioner will numb your scalp in order to limit any discomfort felt, beforeusing microneedles to tone your scalp to the desired result. It is a simple procedure that, after acouple of sessions, creates the illusion of a short natural layer of hair with depth.

If you are bald or receding then this will give the look of a short crew cut with a strong definedhairline. Choosing how your crown will look might not be that easy but you can discuss andtweak your ideal hairline with your practitioner before each session. This will allow you tochoose a look that will suit you.

If you use SMP to combat thinning hair then you can expect the result to look like your head hasa thicker layer of underlying hair. This allows your natural hair to stand out with eyes no longerbeing distracted by thin patches. The injected pigment will be chosen to match your hair colourand skin tone and will not stand out.

People who suffer from scars on the head, such as those caused by lesions on the scalp, canuse scalp micropigmentation to reduce their appearance and detract attention away from them.Dependent on the severity of the scars you may need more sessions to build up the tonearound the affected area. However, the concealment of these marks will be made to look part ofyour natural hair.

What are the Benefits?
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure

The most obvious benefit to scalp micropigmentation is that it is a long lasting treatment that isnon-invasive. Other hair-loss treatments require surgery and can leave scars whereas scalpmicropigmentation is actually used to hide scars on the head.

It is also worth noting that the process results in little discomfort, constantly being described asless painful than more traditional tattoos as the injections in SMP are much shallower. Thereshould be no discomfort or pain following a session, meaning you are free to enjoy your newlook in peace.

  • It isn’t just used to treat baldness.

Though scalp micropigmentation can be used to give a bald head a defined natural look, it canalso be used to treat receding hair, giving more detail to the edge of the scalp and establishing astrong hairline.

For thinning hair, in both men and women, SMP is used to add the appearance of depth,making the hair look thicker and layered. Reinforcing the look of your natural hair, taking theattention away from the thinning.

As mentioned earlier scalp micropigmentation is also used to treat scars and be used inconjunction with other hair loss procedures, being used to hide the scars around a hairtransplant. If you have scars on your scalp that affect your confidence, then you can discusswith a practitioner ways to reduce their appearance using the injected pigment.

  • It’s for everybody

No matter if you are male or female and no matter your skin tone, SMP is a process in whichyou can have the pigment matched to you. This means that your new look will be in keepingwith your tone while bringing out the appearance you deserve.

  • It’s affordable

Compared to many other hair loss treatments, SMP is a fairly cheap alternative. You can expectto pay between £1800 to £3000 for a typical procedure and less if you are only having workdone on your crown.

  • It’s quick

You are unlikely to need to take time off from work for SMP as each session only takes two tofour hours. SMP won’t take you out of your routine but instead will allow you to get on with lifewith that extra bit of confidence.


SMP Nationwide offer some of the lowest prices in the UK for scalp micropigmentation. Our price promise guarantees we’ll beat any like for like quote by 5%.

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Some of the excellent results achieved through SMP Nationwide.


Hear from some of our satisfied customers

Sean Tranter

I used SMP Nationwide and had my full head treatment done for only £1495 and am so happy with the results. I was quoted very high prices by other companies.

  • Date: 25-12-2018
  • 4.5/5
  • Verfied

Jacob Hines

It went very well very good staff fantastic job made me feel very comfortable through out the hole procedure thumbs up for all of them.

  • Date: 24-07-2018
  • 5/5
  • Verfied

Harry Sam

My experience with SMP Nationwide has been a memorable one. The team is highly professional. Everyone in the team are fantastic. Highly recommended.

  • Date: 23-11-2018
  • 4/5
  • Verfied

Aldrin Simon

In my own experience I can say that it is a Great place, these guys have an Excellent professionalism, the whole process is comfortable and step by step.

  • Date: 22-12-2018
  • 4/5
  • Verfied


This is something I wish I would of done a long time ago. They are very professional. I would recommend anybody who is losing hair to go see them.

  • Date: 21-12-2018
  • 4/5
  • Verfied


Getting SMP done from SMP Natiowide was literally the best decision I have ever made! I feel and look 10 years younger. I have my confidence back

  • Date: 19-12-2018
  • 4/5
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